The art of giving thanks (by pio dal cin)

"The Blue Marble" is a famous photog...Image via WikipediaAnother Tanksgivin is here. Different in various aspects, similar to any other if we must sit down and reflect on the many blessing we should be  thankful  about.

We are humans living on Planet Earth, bound for a common destiny. Yet we act like fools as if we were going e able to live forever.We want to get more, go faster, have better toys larger bandwidths, cooler looks and good looking girlfriends.
We need to relax, stop, meditate a little on what is around us, like if we were asked to run our movie in slow motion just for one day.

We will be able to notice our son or daughter asking us to spend that extra hour with us.We have a child.
Thanks to be given for that.

 We waited  hopefully those months before he/she was born.
 Just slow motion it.
 Rewind the movie.

We are off from work today. But are we among the lucky ones who are fortunate enough to go back to work on monday.
Thanks to be given for that.

Are we not among those lucky enough to go back to work on monday.
We are healthy, strong.our blood test went really well last week. So we'll hunt for a job with a healthy body
and a healthy state of mind.

So let's hope for a better end of our movie. The scripts' pages are there, sitting on our desk waiting to be written part by our destiny, part  by us.
If it rains in our lives let's remember than a drought could be a lot worse
If it snows let us remember that great photos can be taken when it does, so let us apply that to our own lives
Is it a thunderstorm.
Well let us repair and shelter our bones under a safe tree and wait till the worst has gone.
Let us just be in a Thankful state of mind for today.
In slow motion.
Finding a reason. Just one. To be thankful for being able to perform our daily lives, until things will get better.
Thanks to be given for that.

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GracefullyYours ha detto…
Beautiful thoughts. I especially liked to search for just 1 reason to be thankful for the day we are living.
Treviso Holiday ha detto…
Yeah plenty of interesting to read about, thanks for sharing the links.