Remembering the day that reshaped History

I was on the twin towers with my brother Tony. No, not on that tragic day ten years ago. It was a crispy Autumn day back in 1982.
I just moved to the US from my small country town in the hart of the Veneto region, just an hour drive from Venice, and he came over to visit me and see how I was doing.
We took the superfast elevator to the top and spent a couple of hours and two rolls of film taking pictures from that breathtaking point of view.
No, we were not there on 9/11/2001 but our harts are surely there today because it could have happened to us like to a million other people out there.
Remembering is the least we can do for the sacrifice of the thousands who died in that day that is going to be on the world' s most tragic events ever.
Men killing other men, women, children just because they were there. "Religion is for those afraid of hell...Spirituality for those who...... Have been thete"(said a Native American chief).
Islam was under attack that day the same way all the other religions were.
It was Mankind being attacked by men who knew the damage they were going to cause, but did not care if they killed banies, children, young men and women, mothers fathers who did not return to their loved ones.
If hate draws hate,it is time for us to stop and meditate; to reflect on how we, as guests of the same Planet, divided by habits and languages should get along peacefully once for all without having to kill to establish our believes.