Google Plus Hangouts- Cliff Roth a speedpainting Artist with the capital A

KOMU Sarah Hill G-Plus Hangouts - pix 01 - Sar...Image by k-ideas via Flickr

Just take a look of these speedpaintings performed live on various hangouts on Google plus by this great Artist from New Jersey named Cliff Roth. Looking trough the paintings you'll encounter some familiar faces if you are not new to G+.
The real thrill though, is to be portrayed by Cliff on a live Hangout... It's an experience that I would recommend to anyone... Of course, you'll have to get in line as his popularity grows day by day, Cliff is the most wanted "Hangouter" out there on G+ right now.
Want to see how he does it?
He will be on Sarah Hill's live hangout on KOMUTV@4 on thursday. So if you want, hop in and follow the link to the live stream.

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