Google plus allows television to be interactive, social, and international

U_News@4 #SarahHillImage by k-ideas via Flickr

Sarah Hill was the first television's anchor woman to broadcast a live hangout. Hangouts are part of the new Google plus options that a subscriber has to interact with people he/she befriends on the social network recently launched and still in the art of developing Google+ platform.
From KOMU NEWS@four located in Colombia Missouri, last night, september the 12th was the very first time in the history of television that nine guests were invited by Sarah Hill to join her in the making and broadcasting of the news. Along with people from the US were some Google+ users from Canada, France, Italy. The broadcast went on smoothly without any problems and was an absolute breathtaking experience for whom participated for the very first time.
Where television will go from here, nobody knows, but the sensation is the same as when we switched from B&W television to colour television. Nothing after the Sarah Hill's show will remain the same both in the television and the web.

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