Codognè Treviso. Veneto Italy. Napoleon Slept here before the battle

A postcard from the Province of Treviso- Veneto-Italy.
A beautiful example of Palladian Architecture of the Seventeeth Century, Villa Toderini is one of the many Venetian Villas on this territory. Built during the Venetian best Age, this Villa in particus is said to have hosted Napoleon during his Italian campaign. The battle of Sacile-Camolli-Casut was fought just a fwe miles from here on April the 3rd 1809.
The Villa remains as a trademark and example of the Venetian presence in the territory as Venetian noblesse used these mansions as their Summer's vacation sites.
A postcard to KOMUTV8news@4 and in particular to Sarah Hill and her news@4 team


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