Obama on Libya - March 18 2011- Whitehouse video


"We saved many lives"
"We stopped Ghadafi's army"
"Nato will take over as of Wendsday"
"A massacre would have driven thousand refugees across the nation"
"We were alble to stop Ghadafi wihout deploying any ground troops"
"Regime change in Iraq took eight years,trillions of dollars and many lives. We will not do the same mistake again and that is why we acted differently in Lybia"
"The billions we froze from Ghadafi will be returned to the Lybian people"
"The burden of action should not be only with America"
"We will work with our allies and share risks and costs"
"When our pilot parachuted after the plane fell. He was greeted as a friend"
These are some of the topics of this video just released.